New School Fools (July 2002)
New and Improved!!!

Vagabondia CD Release Show (May 11, 2002 at Bernie's)
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Guest Matt Ogborn struggles to maintain the oxygen flow to the brain
Dave rocks out well for an old-timer
Travis in the midst of an out-of-body experience
Phil sings yet another tender ballad from the heart
Guest Renee Reighart wishes she held out for more money
The Cusacks: weathered yet wiser

The Cusacks Live at Bernie's (June 16, 2001)
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The Cusacks: Three men undergoing personal lows
Phil screams for medication and/or beer
Travis Kokas: Notorious Byrd Brother?
Dave does his best John Denver impersonation

San Francisco Expedition (March 1999)
The Cusacks hide from the authorities
The Cusacks VS. The Power Orb
The Golden Years
Jelly Belly Employees of the Month
San Francisco Sucks!
Pokey - Honorary Cusacks Member
Travis and Phil - Twin brothers since birth

Cafe Bourbon Street, Columbus, OH (2/27/99)
The Cusacks are warming up
Now they are ready!
Dave breaks it down
Travis cries for freedom
Dave and Phil lay down the grooves
The Cusacks takin' care of business
Dave stands supreme
The angst is in the solos
Dave rises to the challenge
Dave and Phil unleashed
You call this rock and roll?
Dave and Travis battle it out
Travis and Phil shakin' things up
Dave invades Travis's space
Travis faints from the rush
Dave is overwhelmed with fans

Northberg Tavern, Columbus, OH (3/5/99)
Travis is possessed
The Cusacks take no prisoners
They rock so hard!
Dave and Travis fight for attention
This is just too easy
What are they looking at?
Top of the Pops
'91 Sub Pop promo shot?

Northberg Tavern, Columbus, OH (3/27/98)
Karbac introduces the Cusacks to the fans
Travis sings Joe a serenade
Dave has a bad hair day
Somebody's pointing fingers
Phil demonstrates his vocal talents
Joe's melodic tuning
Travis opens up to his fans
Dave and Joe lash it out
Rocking like nobody's business
Dave's aerobic workout
Travis Kokas: Wanted Dead or Alive
The Crypt Keeper haunts the Cusacks

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