Phil Francis: drums, vocals, wind chimes, sleigh bells, washboard, guitar, castanets, mandolin, banjo, trombone, groove box, and harpsichord
Dave Gibson: bass, vocals, piano, organ, melodica, flute, Spanish guitar, fiddle, cello, omnichord, French horn, saxophone, and didgeridoo
Travis Kokas: guitar, vocals, piano, organ, banjo, mandolin, bass, cymbal crash, omnichord, melodica, xylophone, viola, trumpet, and theremin

It started with a broken leg. Phil Francis lay splayed out on the pavement, his bones broken in three places after being struck by a car at 35 mph. Minutes earlier he had been indulging in a night of debauchery at one of the city's sleaziest pool halls, just one perk of the wild rock n' roll lifestyle he had made for himself. But, as he lay in the hospital for days on end, he realized it was time to move on. To leave the feedback and screams of his previous band, Jim, behind and move on into catchier and happier territory.

Dave Gibson came to visit his friend, Phil, in the hospital. It had been almost a year since their band, Jim, broke up and now that Dave was back in town from a mistakenly spent three months at college in Colorado he was ready to rock again. But Phil was a broken shell of his former self, and how was he supposed to play drums again? The rehabilitation proved long and arduous but Dave and Phil wiled away the days playing music (Phil opting to play guitar as his fingers were still in perfect working order), and the two soon amassed a handful of songs for the project they christened Cuz. After a year Phil was healed and along came the choices. Stick with guitar or go back to drums? Stay a duo or form a group? A Thrush Hermit concert brought all of these questions to a staggering end.

Travis Kokas was new in town. College was strange. At last he felt freedom to live on his own terms, but he felt that there was something missing. His love of Candian rock made him an outcast among his peers until a chance meeting with fellow student Joe Gerdeman changed everything. The two found they had much in common musically and a lasting bond was formed. Thrush Hermit, one of Travis' favorite bands from way back, was coming to town. At last, a chance to see the Nova Scotian rockers live. But the night held more surprises and revelations than Kokas realized. Who was this strange shaggy haired guy at the club? "Aren't Joe and I the only guys in town who love Canadian pop?," he thought to himself. Dave Gibson eyed the two strangers with a sneer. The night passed and guards were let down, similarities discussed, and propositions put forward. Travis and Joe both played guitar. Things were getting interesting.

Dec. 1997 - The Cusacks take the stage for their first show ever. Months of practice produced a roster of new material that sat alongside favorites from the Cuz years. Phil was back on drums where he belonged, Dave plucked the bass like an old friend, Travis bought a fresh outlook to both his playing and attitude, Joe stood stoically and played wonderfully like a modern day Entwhistle. The show was a success and the boys knew there was no turning back. Months went by and led to sessions for the first e.p., Special Treasures. The Cusacks had made their presence known and the rest was history.

There were ups and downs. Joe bowed out with no feelings hurt, but wiser for the experience. The Cusacks pressed on, creating 1999's Waxing The Scene in their newly built basement studio, S.I.R.S. Shows were played, hearts were broken, lessons were learned. Dave moved to California, Dave moved back, the lure of the pop life too strong to resist. Which brings us to the presesnt: The Cusacks prepare to make their biggest artistic statement yet, an album of escapism, stargazing, shoegazing and faraway places. Dreams, schemes and laser beams... The 12 string rings, the horns blare, the organs shimmer, the strings quiver, the pop has been found in the most unlikely of places...ladies and gentlemen prepare yourselves for "More Songs From Vagabondia"!!!

And now ladies and gentlemen....The Cusacks!!!

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