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Welcome to the Cusacks Listening Booth

This shit is HYPE!!!! Look, man, can I get a hamburger? I just want to tell you that the following soundclips are from the Cusacks's debut full-length album entitled "Waxing The Scene" which was released on August 24, 1999. They really bust some freaky shit on there! If you go ahead and click on the song titles you can listen to the entire cuts in real muthafuckin' audio. If you do not have real audio, you better get that shit right HERE! Yup! Yup!

"Allison Says"
"Put To Practice"

These next bombtracks are from their debut EP entitled "Special Treasures" that was released on June 20, 1998. Man, that's from the days of way back, awww yeah! They are now in real audio and include the entire song. Again, if you don't have real audio you can bust it HERE. Now let 'em break some shit off!

"Envious Bystander"

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