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Cusacks Reunion Show Article
Taken from Columbus Alive (9/25/2003)


ReunitedEand it Feels so Good

Once upon a time (let's say a year ago), Columbus was home to an underrated trio of spirited sugar fanatics known as the Cusacks. During their brief run through local dive bars and basements, the group forged their own niche for hand-clapping good times and sunny bubblegum melodies. More Songs from Vagabondia, their 2002 swan song, combined Byrds-ian psych moments, thrifty Elephant Six-styled orchestration and, heart for hands, Canadian pop.

Late last year bassist Dave Gibson left for the West Coast and an education restoring motion pictures. Since then, Phil Francis and Travis Kokas have been moonlighting in the like-minded Royal We, but for one glorious night the boys will back together and waxing the scene again. Be sure to attend the reunion this Friday, September 26, at Bernie's. Everyday Heroes open.