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More Songs From Vagabondia Review
Taken from The Other Paper (May 9, 2002)

A Tribute to the Cusacks

John Cusack played a record store nerd in the 2000 adaptation of Nick Hornbyís book High Fidelity. Cusackís character was very fond of showing off his musical knowledge with elaborate ďtop fiveĀElists.

With that in mind, The Other Paper proudly presents ďThe Top Five Reasons to Buy the new Cusacks record, More Songs from Vagabondia."

1. The music.

Vagabondia is a vast departure from the bandís first record, Waxing the Scene. The former was a distortion-filled piece of pop punk; the new one sounds a lot like Loveís Forever Changes with some latter-day Beach Boys and Beatles thrown in for good measure. Actually, it sounds a lot like whatís coming out of Georgiaís Elephant 6 collective, only good.

2. The lyrics.

Any great album needs great lyrics ĀEno problem with Vagabondia. The best example is the ultra-catchy Boy With Hearts for Hands: Each verse begins with a shouted letter, with the letters spelling out ďHeartsĀEby the end. Then the chorus comes in with ďNobody understands/ The boy has hearts for hands/ nobody understands/ he doesnít have any friends."

3. The art.

4. The sequencing.

Indie-rock authority Robert Pollard once said that the only things necessary for a great album were art and sequencing. The artwork on Vagabondia is excellent, featuring pipe organs, a priestly choir and boats on the open sea. The sequencing is flawless ĀEthereís a real flow to Vagabondia, with the songs blending from track to track.

5. Itís just a good album.

Seriously. Itís just a good album. And thereís not no many of those coming from Columbus these days.
The Cusacks will play More Songs from Vagabondia in its entirety at the bandís record release party Saturday night at Bernieís.