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Northberg Tavern, Columbus, OH (3/27/98)
Karbac introduces the Cusacks to the fans
Travis sings Joe a serenade
Dave has a bad hair day
Somebody's pointing fingers
Phil demonstrates his vocal talents
Joe's melodic tuning
Travis opens up to his fans
Dave and Joe lash it out
Rocking like nobody's business
Dave's aerobic workout
Travis Kokas: Wanted Dead or Alive
The Crypt Keeper haunts the Cusacks

High Five, Columbus, OH (2/6/98)
Joe questions himself
Travis sings like an angel
Dave Gibson: Seasoned rock veteran
Phil comes up for air
Joe coughs up a microphone
Dave and Travis rock and/or roll
Phil has an out-of-body experience
Phil rescues the crowd from boredom
Everyone give it up for the Cusacks
Dave attacks Travis

Northberg Tavern, Columbus, OH (1/30/98)
Dave sings from the heart
Travis sees the light
Tasteful stylings from Joe and Phil
Joe's quiet fragility
Dave consoles Travis
Phil's hasn't the time for the pain
Long Live Rock
Phil's somber lament
Dave busts a dope rhyme
Travis and Dave's duel

High Five, Columbus, OH (12/3/97)
Live Rock, Cry Rock, Feel Rock
The Harmony Team
Phil is Giddy and Gay
Air Gibson
Travis's Tender Moment
The Cusacks Entertain
Dave Spots Godzilla
Pete Townshend School of Rock
Somebody Stop Me
Joe Gerdeman: Ladies Man

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