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All Music Guide Review of More Songs From Vagabondia

Their second full-length release, the '60s sunshine rock carnival known as "the Cusacks" returns for another splash of Technicolor fun with More Songs From Vagabondia. Opening and closing with bouncy piano-pop that would make Paul McCartney proud, there is little doubt that this Ohio three-piece has done their homework on the great British Invasion bands, as they borrow liberally from that tradition at nearly every phase of the game. More happy to ape the Beatles circa 1965, with hardly a hint of subversion or experimentation among the 17 tracks, than to delve into the psychedelic obscurity or cumbersome existential philosophies of the Elephant 6 bands, the Cusacks seem to be eternally stuck in the innocent days before Nixon and Altamont. As the songs seamlessly blend into each other, they glide through lo-fi guitar pop with nice three-part harmonies and candy-coated keyboards, with the cheery horns of "Word on the Street" clearly recalling the Beatles' "Got to Get You Into My Life" and the rest falling rather neatly into the Zombies, Kinks, or Who camp of songwriting. Obviously, the incessant cheeriness and pleasantly ephemeral quality of the songwriting may wear a bit thin, but little secret is made of the band's intention to simply win you over with a fun hook and a snappy tune. To that end, they are largely successful. Overall, though, you may want something a little more musically challenging than the obvious ear candy presented here, but if nonstop melodies and go-go-ing guitar pop is what you crave, it's hard to think that you'd find a better '60s re-creation act than the Cusacks. ~ Matt Fink, All Music Guide