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More Songs From Vagabondia Review
Taken from Columbus Alive (6/13/2002)

The Cusacks
More Songs From Vagabondia
Insect Siren

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If acting siblings extraordinaire John and Joan Cusack ever decide to start a band together, they'd have to put some thought into what to call themselves, because Phil Francis, Dave Gibson and Travis Kokas have already got dibs on The Cusacks.

The Columbus band's second full-length is infectiously sunny at times irritatingly so full as it is of doo-doo-doo's and ba-ba-ba-ba's, lyrics so silly laughing gas was almost certainly involved at some point in the writing process, and jangling little pop songs that bang back and forth with the leisurely resonance of a tambourine.

The Cusacks' style of time warp pop is at its best when it's at its most Froot Loops-inspired, like Boy With Hearts for Hands, with the chorus so give me an A/ for anyone who will hold his hand,Eand Miles of Smiles, with its lisping lyrical delivery. They're more evocative of the theme to some long-lost Sid and Marty Krofft puppet show than anything starring either John or Joan. Playing on your car stereo as you drive to the beach with the windows down, Vagabondia's a good time. Listening in your bedroom after dark, it's like a sugar infusion poured in your ear sweet, but bad for the brain.

- Caleb Mozzocco